Learn more about the components - Concrete Maturity (ASTM C1074) Monitoring System (using RFID instead of wires)...

Introduction to Concrete Maturity - a detailed guide to using RFID to provide accurate concrete maturity data.

Concrete Maturity Testing in Michigan - February 2004 by Andrew J. DeFinis P.E. A white paper on Wireless Concrete Monitoring System. (PDF file: 4.6 MB) NEW White Paper!

Concrete Solutions - Summer 2003 Edition - by Robert Risser, Jr., Executive Director of Michigan Concrete Paving Association.

New Technology Puts Road Work in the Fast Lane - Reprint of article by David R. Miller, Associate Editor of CAM (Construction Association of Michigan)

Maturity Meters: A Concrete Success - a reprint from the October 2002 edition of FOCUS published by the Federal Highway Administration.

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White Paper on Concrete Maturity by Will Hansen, Ph.D.
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Concrete Maturity Monitoring System: Components

Transponder RFID Tag

We use a Wireless RFID tag which is an active RFID tag that uses an advanced radio frequency technology and operates at 915 MHz/868 MHz. It includes a temperature logger with an accuracy that exceeds the ASTM C1074-93 requirements. Do you want to get rid of all the wires found in competing solutions? The Wireless RFID tag contains room for 10,000 temperature logs in its memory and a battery life of 5 to 10 years. The tag can be programmed to wake up, read, and record the ambient temperature at user defined intervals. The stored information can be read at any time you wish, with no restrictions on the number of times it is read. There are also a number of other ways beside concrete maturity, that the RFID tag can be used in the construction industry. Above ground, in clear air, it has a read range of over 300 feet using a Handheld or up to 1,000 feet using a stationary Reader.

Handheld Portable

The system uses a portable handheld device to read and write to the Wireless RFID tag buried in the concrete. You also have the option to run HardTrack on a PC using a Stationary Reader. This allows you to read your Temperature Logs from the Construction Office or remotely with either an Internet connection at the construction site or a cellular Modem. Cellular data plans are setup for you by Wake and they are included with the HardTrack Desktop Wireless Solution.

Wireless Reader

The Reader allows HardTrack to communicate with the Wireless RF Temperature Logging Tags. It allows HardTrack to "Talk" with the RFID Tags. It also acts as the transceiver and holds the antenna.

Should you have several RFID tags within the same general reading area, the Reader is smart enough to speak with only one tag at a time, and it will let your know which tag you are addressing and whether you are reading or writing to the tag.

Concrete Maturity Software

The Concrete Maturity (ASTM C1074) Software was developed to work specifically with the above-mentioned components. It allows for inputting all of the necessary information, including the sample mix design data to create the concrete maturity curve. Once you have collected the information from the tag, you can immediately display the concrete strength. The software also displays a graph of the time and temperature for a quick visual check. It gives the user a number of options such as using either the Nurse-Saul equation or the Arrhenius methodology. It will also give you the choice of using the standard 28-day or an expatiated maturity calculation.

The Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes a handheld portable computer, the Reader, an antenna, the Concrete Maturity Software loaded on the handheld and the RFID Wireless Concrete Temperature Logging Tags. You have the choice of tags with or without the external probe or a combination. You will also receive an outstanding User Manual, that will take you step by step through all of the processes to get you up and running. An on-site visit is available, but to date, we have never had anyone find it necessary for us to make a visit. It truly is as easy as 1-2-3. We also offer support for you at no cost.

Savings using HardTrack Mobile vs. Competition

Why pay $85 ea for logger/meter/tag? If you use 200 sensors per year, you will save $42,650 over 5 years with HardTrack Mobile vs. the Competition