Learn more about the components - Concrete Maturity Monitoring Solution (using RFID instead of wires)...

Introduction to Concrete Maturity - a detailed guide to using RFID to provide accurate concrete maturity data.

Concrete Maturity Testing in Michigan - February 2004 by Andrew J. DeFinis P.E. A white paper on Wireless Concrete Monitoring System. (PDF file: 4.6 MB) NEW White Paper!

Concrete Solutions - Summer 2003 Edition - by Robert Risser, Jr., Executive Director of Michigan Concrete Paving Association.

New Technology Puts Road Work in the Fast Lane - Reprint of article by David R. Miller, Associate Editor of CAM (Construction Association of Michigan)

Maturity Meters: A Concrete Success - a reprint from the October 2002 edition of FOCUS published by the Federal Highway Administration.

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White Paper on Concrete Maturity by Will Hansen, Ph.D.
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HardTrack Mobile - Wireless Concrete Temperature Monitoring

Wake, Inc. has created a system we refer to as HardTrack. HardTrack will allow you to use wireless RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology to communicate with a temperature sensor buried in the concrete. The system will furnish you information on a hand held device, which will do all the calculations required for instantaneous readouts of the current temperature and strength of the cement during the hydration process. It is a proven process that will allow you to discard the awkward and costly methods that are presently being used to give you the concrete maturity information you need.

Let Our Cutting Edge Technology Do the WORK for You!

Just about everyone in the concrete industry agrees that using Concrete Maturity (ASTM C1074) to determine the fitness and strength of the concrete is the preferred method. Now, by using HardTrack, there is no longer a need to use probes buried in concrete, attached to wires run to the edge of the concrete that required a cluster of wires into a laptop computer or other device to gather temperatures of in-situ concrete. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to gather temperature data in a very efficient and cost effective method.

The RFID Maturity Monitor consists of a hand held personal computer, a transponder with the ability to monitor temperature along with the software needed to read and collect the RFID data.

1. Place and position the temperature monitoring tag at points within the concrete project that require monitoring.
2. As the concrete is poured, the tag is buried within the concrete.
3. Using the hand held RF device, you can read the temperature data from the buried tag/logger/meter within the concrete.

It is as easy as that! The use of two-way RF communication between the buried tag and a hand held PC allows the PC to read and write information to the tag. These features puts HardTrack at the head of the class!

Enhancing the Collection and Processing of Maturity and Hardness Data

The HardTrack Concrete Maturity (ASTM C1074) Monitoring System provides a major change in the process of collecting temperature data at several locations within a concrete project. HardTrack eliminates the need for probes and wires attached to external devices. It is the convenience and simplicity of the system that allows contractors, engineering firms, and testing facilities to gather raw temperature data. The raw temperature data provides the information to determine optimum concrete strength, curing rates, and documented quality control data for the project. Collecting and processing data without HardTrack is a relatively new process, using the maturing method of determining the strength of the concrete has become an accepted method of testing and analyzing the hydration process. It has also become an accepted belief that unsatisfactory early-age temperatures can lead to an unsatisfactory concrete structure in the long run. Monitoring the early rate of strength gain will allow for adjustments in the curing procedures during construction.

Some of the advantages in using the HardTrack product are:

* Accelerated opening times. Opening times have been accelerated from 3 days to 21 days.
* Early form-work removal.
* Guesswork and dependence upon cylinders is no longer required.
* Accelerated pre-stressed release times.
* Determination of sawing times for joints. By sawing when the concrete is strong enough, but not too strong, the contractor can optimize time and equipment wear.
* By implementing the maturity method of in-situ strength, cylinders can be greatly reduced. In addition, cylinders will not have to be transported to perform compression tests; this saves time, money, and eliminates safety concerns.
* The in-situ readings give the true temperatures of the concrete at that location rather than relying on the conditions of the concrete in a cylinder. By inspecting temperature sensors at several locations, especially critical areas, strength is known at several locations within the structure. This is advantageous because the weaker locations in the concrete will be known.
* Using the HardTrack, raw temperature data is available at all times during the hydration process. contractors will be aware if the concrete is hydrating at a rate that is too fast, or at a temperature too high or low. This real time information at several locations allows the contractor to take corrective action.

Our Rugged Wireless Temperature Meters/Loggers/Tags have long-life 5+ year batteries with low cost sacrificial probes. Go wireless for $35 ea. Why pay $85 for a logger?

The HardTrack Mobile Wireless Solution