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HardTrack Cloud Sensor

HardTrack empowers you to remotely monitor concrete temperature so that your concrete pour stays within the specified Thermal Control Plan (per 207.4R-05 ACI).   No need to visit the job site several times per day or per week.  Just activate the cloud sensor and return to your office.  The temperature data is collected and uploaded to the cloud automatically.

HardTrack Cloud Sensor Competitive Grid

You will be amazed at how simple concrete temperature monitoring has become using HardTrack Cloud Sensors!

• Bury the probe.
• Cover it with concrete.
• Cloud sensor collects the temperature data and uploads it to the cloud.
• View the data as frequently as you wish.
• Setup Alerts that will notify you if the pour is getting too hot or too cold or if any sensor has moved outside of your thermal control plan parameters.
• Cloud sensor comes with a replaceable battery that can last up to 3 years depending upon use.

Each HardTrack Cloud Sensor comes with:
– (1) built-in ambient temperature sensor
– (4) ports which allow you to deploy temperature sensor probes at distances of up to 100 meters (328.08 ft.) from the device.
– (1) port with humidity and temperature sensor**
**coming soon

You will be able to monitor many pours using a single cloud sensor device.

Allows for safe collection of temperature logs Remotely while you stay at home or at the office, which lowers your costs by saving time and money.

Want to take the next step to save time and money?

HardTrack will automate the process of determining Concrete Maturity according to ASTM C1074 without the need to visit the job site several times per day.

Fifty years ago, engineers discovered the many advantages Concrete Maturity has over the destructive process of measuring the strength of the concrete. However, because there were so many problems inherent in the capture of in-situ temperatures using sensors and wires, Concrete Maturity has been slow in being accepted.

Compared to the destructive method where you break the cylinders or beams,
concrete maturity is:

• Easier
• Safer
• Faster
• More Reliable
• More Accurate
• Cost Effective

Sacrificial sensor probes come in lengths of up to 100 meters (328.08 ft.)!

Reduce cylinder samples by 70%+ using Concrete Maturity

Access Your Temperature Logs Remotely
Take advantage of HardTrack Cloud Sensor, with the added ability of accessing your Temperature Logs remotely. Deploy the Cloud Sensor device at the construction site and head back to your office. You will be able to access your temperature logs easily from your PC and HardTrack will alert you if any sensor reaches a minimum or maximum temperature. This will save you time, money and free up your Engineers so that they are available for other value added activities. The HardTrack Cloud Sensor comes with (5) Temperature Sensor connections, including (1) built-in Ambient Temperature Sensor and (4) connectors whereby you can attached sensor probes with cable lengths ranging from 1 meter (3.28 ft.) to 100 meters (328.08 ft.). A single HardTrack Cloud Sensor can cover most concrete pour thermal control monitoring requirements.